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Why Patients Nationwide Visit Spine Group Beverly Hills for a Second Opinion Before Back Surgery

It can be incredibly tough when you’re facing a debilitating medical issue, because you want relief and you want it fast. But before you have surgery of any kind, a little due diligence can go a long way toward a successful outcome, which is especially true of back problems. If you’ve been told you need back surgery, make sure you’re armed with the right information — and the right surgeon — before you take this large leap.

At Spine Group Beverly Hills, under the expert guidance of fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. John Regan, our team regularly provides valued and trusted second opinions to our California patients, as well as to patients across the country and the globe.

Here’s a look at why patients nationwide visit Spine Group Beverly Hills for a second opinion before back surgery.

Experience matters

If you’ve been told you need surgery, one of your first questions should be, “How many times have you successfully performed this operation?” While a medical degree from the finest medical institutions may buoy your confidence in your surgeon, a diploma is not the same thing as experience.

Dr. Regan not only has the foundational education, he took his training to new levels by becoming one of only a few surgeons in the United States to complete two fellowships in spine care — the first in spine trauma at A.O. International Hospital in Switzerland and the second at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Dr. Regan then brought this hands-on training to the Texas Back Institute in Plano, a nationally recognized spine center, where he became one of the key spine surgeons in their Center for Excellence. After more than 15 years in Texas, he was recruited by Cedars Sinai Institute in Southern California where, as Director of the Cedars Sinai Institute for Spinal Disorders, he helped the hospital create a highly respected spine program for the Los Angeles area.

More than three decades and thousands of success stories later, Dr. Regan opened his own spine clinic in Beverly Hills, where he receives patients from around the world.

Straight to the source

Modern medicine is constantly evolving, and surgeons need to stay on top of the very latest practices and cutting-edge techniques. If you’ve been told you need spine surgery, you should know all of your options so you can make the best decision for your health.

For example, at Spine Group Beverly Hills, the team offers the most advanced spinal procedures, including minimally invasive spine surgery and video-assisted thoracic spine surgery. But the team does more than follow the latest surgical protocols. Their team leader, Dr. Regan, is one of the pioneers of these advanced surgical techniques, having literally written the book on minimally invasive spinal surgery techniques: "The Atlas of Endoscopic Spinal Surgery.”

This is why patients travel from far and wide to seek a second opinion from the very person who was instrumental in the advent of the most advanced techniques in spine surgery.

It takes a village

As important as the qualifications of your surgeon are, it’s critical that they have an equally impressive support team surrounding them. At Spine Group Beverly Hills, Dr. Regan has one of the best spinal teams assembled, from diagnosticians to physical therapists. This means that your spinal needs are met from start to finish, and you won’t be left to fend for your own.

Dr. Regan and his team understand that the medical world can be an incredibly daunting place to navigate, and they want to ensure that each patient has the resources they need for long-term results.

If you’d like to find out for yourself why so many patients flock to the Spine Group Beverly Hills for both first and second opinions on back surgery, call one of the offices in Beverly Hills or Marina Del Rey. Or you can use the online scheduling tool to set up a consultation.

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